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Specially formulated cement patch mix. Fine and fortified to fill the voids that occasionally appear in your countertop edges. It dries quickly to a standard light gray concrete color (white option also available) and can be easily colored to match your countertop surface.

Coverage Rate:  Depends on number of voids, but 1 kit normally sufficient for ~ 60 liner feet of edge

Directions: In a small pale or bucket mix necessary amount of Z Counter-Patch with a small amount of water to achieve desired consistency. Do not mix more than needed at one time. For filling larger voids, Counter-Patch can be mixed to a thicker putty like consistency. For filling in small voids or cracks, you can mix to a thin slurry paste. The Patch can be applied with a gloved hand or putty knife and allowed to set up. Having a damp sponge handy to clean up excess Patch is a good idea. Once the Counter-Patch is fully cured, it can be sanded smooth with regular sand paper. The time this takes will depend on how large the voids are and how much water was mixed with the patch but should be anywhere from 1-6 hours.